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Does Regionalism Matter in Tech Recruiting? Maybe Not.

eTeki is thrilled to announce our new podcast The Collective Voice, which will largely be based on conversations with national thought leaders on topics integral to the technical recruiting industry. Our initial focus will be a series about Diversity and Inclusion (D&I), one of the most relevant topics in our industry today. D&I recruiting initiatives [...]

Fixing the Hiring Process – Once and For All

Consider this statistic: The World Economic Forum predicts that  “by 2020, more than a third of the desired core skill sets of most occupations will be comprised of skills that are not yet considered crucial to the job today.” This highlights a core problem with how we have evaluated talent and hired for multiple generations. We [...]

How-To Find the Best in Tech Across the Globe

How-To Find the Best in Tech across the Globe As the New Year approaches, so does a brand new hiring season. With change and resolutions already on the brain, this affords the perfect opportunity to catch the eye of top tech candidates – active and passive alike. But getting in front of this in-demand talent [...]

System Not Compatible: Staying a Step Ahead in Recruiting

System Not Compatible: What’s Shaping The Process on How You Are Getting Your Best Technical Hires Fraught with competition, recruiting and hiring frequently get equated to military-style operations, and in the ongoing “war for talent,” no one wants to lose. This basic fact is a significant driver in the rapid and continued advancement of HR [...]

Why You Should Care About Helping Your Hiring Manager

Though the day-to-day can sometimes feel transactional, recruiting is all about building relationships. Mostly we think about this regarding the candidate, but the relationship between recruiter and hiring manager lies at heart of the process. Without this, the lifecycle would be incomplete and likely to fail. Here, the primary challenge is overcoming the difference of [...]

A Living Nightmare: Recruiting Horror Stories

Recruiters’ Living Nightmares As recruiters, we’ve all been spooked a time or two by candidates or clients from hell – that organized, experienced data analyst that ended up ghosting us after we wooed her for a hard-to-fill position or the Ward-Cleaverish accounting executive that turned into Freddy Krueger when we couldn’t fill his hiring quota [...]

Don’t Be SAD: How Recruiters Beat Holiday Recruiting Blues

SAD About Holiday Recruiting? Here’s Something to be Jolly About For recruiters and job seekers both, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) can be exacerbated by the Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day holiday season. A depression brought on by the change of seasons, SAD most often appears during the fall and winter, when days are shorter and [...]

Top Tech Trends Overheard at #HrTechConf

9,000+ attendees. 430+ vendors from all over the HR, talent acquisition, employee engagement, etc. spectrums. What were the big tech takeaways from HR Tech 2018? The seemingly “must have” product feature… … is some degree of AI. Over 76 different booths promoted that they use AI. In many cases, the AI being referenced is a [...]

Faking It, How Techies Pull the Wool Over Your Eyes

Job candidates lie. Sometimes it’s an outright fib. Other times it's an exaggeration or perhaps a claim of software familiarity that they’ll rush to train for prior to the interview. For some, it’s simply the foolish belief that they can “wing it” while they learn on the job, and no one will be the wiser. [...]

Employee Referrals and Setting Expectations

Evidence abounds that employee referral is the best source of new hires. Sadly, the evidence seldom comes from the employers, who, for the most part, aren’t tracking or setting goals for their referral programs. Many aren’t even bonusing for quality referred hires. Glassdoor recently studied 440,000 of its reviews regarding referrals and other sources, and [...]