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The Top 30 Conferences in 2020 for Technical Recruiters Targeting Financial Services, Banking & Fintech

Demand for high-quality technical talent in financial services, banking and fintech is exploding. It’s increasingly difficult for technical recruiters targeting these industries to deliver talent in sufficient quantities, especially with stiff competition for tech talent from the tech industry and others.

This raises a question: How can you, as a technical recruiter serving these industries, get better results for clients, and grow your career?
One great way is by participating in the right conferences. Our hand-picked list of the top 30 conferences for technical recruiters targeting financial services, banking and fintech—presented at the bottom of this post—is a useful resource for finding great events around the globe.

How can participating in conferences help you? The benefits include:

  • Increase your credibility and build your personal brand (through presenting)
  • Meet valuable connections and find new clients (through networking)
  • Find potential talent (through networking)
  • Learn strategies that will help you recruit better and meet clients’ needs (through attending sessions)
  • Discover new technologies that will save you time and help you get better results (through attending trade shows)

How do you select the right events? Unfortunately, it’s not a good idea to just pick at random from our list of 30 conferences. Selecting the right events does take a bit of research. In our opinion, it’s particularly important to consider:

  • Who will be there: If people and companies you’d like to meet or know will be at an event, the networking alone can have great value. Look at conferences’ audience demographics and exhibitor lists for insights.
  • What’s being talked about: This may be even more important than who will be there, because participating in conferences with the right topics can help you serve your clients. For example, if your clients are concerned with diversity and inclusion, the candidate experience, or quality hiring, learning the latest research, knowledge and strategies can go a long way. Learn about key topics being covered by examining conference programs.

You may be thinking, “Who has the time to participate in a bunch of conferences?” Well, not many people. But the good news is you DON’T have to be present at an event to take part. You can also participate remotely by using events’ Twitter hashtags before, during and after the events. For some good suggestions, see Hubgets blog post, “Participating Remotely in Conferences: 3 Things to Know.”

One final note: If you’re interested in presenting (many conferences are interested in getting insights from recruiters), you typically need to apply for speaking slots at least six months, and as much as a year or more, prior to a conference. That means you’ll probably need to wait until the 2021 conference to apply to speak at many of these events. Also, if you’re new to speaking, you may need to get some experience at smaller recruiting events to earn opportunities to speak at events like those below.

The Top 30 Conferences in 2020 for technical recruiters targeting financial services, banking and fintech
Jan. 20-26 London Blockchain Week, London
Jan. 25-26 Latam Mobile Summit 2017, San Francisco
Jan. 25-26 Strategic Venturing & Partnerships Between FinTech & Financial Institutions, New York
Jan. 27 BuzzJS, New York
Feb. 1-3 UX+DEV Summit Conference, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
Feb. 7 HIREconf NYC, New York
Feb. 11-16 DeveloperWeek, San Francisco
Feb. 13-16 SIA Executive Forum—North America, San Diego
Feb. 16-18 The Freelance Conference, Austin, TX
March 13-15 SourceCon, Anaheim, Calif.
March 15 Ignition UK: Future of Fintech, London
March 21-22 HRTechWorld, London
Apr. 2-3 ICSTEM 2017, Dubai
Apr. 3-6 JAX Finance 2017, London
Apr. 18-20 ERE Recruiting Conference, San Diego
Apr. 19-22 2017 IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering, San Diego
Apr. 21-22 SHRM Tech India, Hyderabad, India
Apr. 22-23 TAtech Spring Industry Congress, Chicago
Apr. 24-26 SHRM Talent Management Conference, Chicago
Apr. 25 Empire Startups FinTech Conference—NYC, New York
Apr. 27 FinTech Exchange 2017, Chicago
Apr. 28-30 Freelancers Conference, Columbus, Ohio
May 8-11 GPU Technology Conference, San Jose
May 9-11 Direct Employers Annual Meeting & Conference, Indianapolis
May 9-11 MarTech San Francisco, San Francisco
May 26-27 Technology, Knowledge & Society, Toronto
June 5-7 Recruiter Nation Live, San Francisco
June 18-21 SHRM Annual Conference, New Orleans
June 26-28 Future of Fintech, New York
July 7-14 London Fintech Week, London
Aug. 3-4 TechHR’17, Gurgaon, India
Aug. 6-9 International Design Engineering Technical Conferences & Computers & Information in Engineering Conference, Cleveland
Sept. 27-29 TAtech Fall Industry Congress, Denver
Oct. 2-4 MarTech Boston, Boston
Oct. 10-13 HR Technology Conference, Las Vegas
Nov. 7 Empire Startups FinTech Conference-SF, San Francisco
Nov. 9-11 TechServe, Amelia Island, Fla.
Nov. 29-Dec 1 Recruiting Trends Conference, West Palm Beach, Fla.