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Salesforce Developer

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Salesforce, a customer relationship management solution, brings companies and customers together. It’s one integrated platform that gives all departments a single, shared view of every customer.

The Salesforce CRM, an enterprise application focused on contact management, marketing automation, and business development analytics. It utilizes cloud computing to connect employees with prospects, customers, and partners. Implementing and maintaining Salesforce requires architects, business analysts, engineers, consultants, developers, quality assurance testers and administrators. When recruiting for technical roles pertaining to Salesforce’s MVC architecture, the Apex proprietary programing language, and/or its component based front end platform called Lightning, many factors go into the technical match of a person with a job opening.

Best practices for qualifying an IT person’s Salesforce technical skills start with an interactive, proper intake between a hiring leader and the recruiting professional(s), a basic understanding of the role, and most critical tech stack by the recruiter and/or sourcer. Sourcing skills determine the quality of candidates entering the technical recruiting life cycle and a variety of upskilling resources exist online specific to IT roles. The gap typically comes when a recruiter looks for viable strategies for preliminary confirmation of tech skills. eTeki’s learned from our clients, recruiters should ask knock-out questions during an initial phone screen. The questions can be obtained from a hiring manager, senior technical expert, or a credible Resource Center like this one. Many companies with hiring processes optimized for quality implement a dynamic automated assessment and/or invest in a first-round technical interview by a trusted third-party source of interview panelists.

IT professionals who participate in screening candidates on behalf of companies across the globe on eTeki’s platform leveraging technical interviews-as-a-service contribute foundational topics and expected replies for the specific use of recruiting professionals to validate basic competencies.  These Tech Interview Experts (TechIEs) work full-time in roles relevant to the Salesforce technology at global and regional brands fueling the growth of industries and communities.

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