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For D & I To Stick, We All Must Become Consciously Unbiased.

Can you imagine a workplace where humans are actually conscious of their inherent biases?

We’ve heard the term “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” However, for diversity and inclusion (D & I) initiatives to stick, the “whole must be equal to the sum of its parts.” By that we mean actionable D & I change requires more than organizational commitment. It requires an effort by individuals equal to that of the organization to propel meaningful behavioral change.

Biases Can Be Cured with Curiosity

Biases are much more complicated than the categories protected by Title VII.The lack of understanding of these complexities can be an obstacle in strategic D & I implementation and HR departments should be aware.

For D & I To Stick, We All Must Become Consciously Unbiased

To learn how to engage individuals in your D&I efforts, in addition to other great insights for Ashish Kaushal, Download and transcript and listen to the podcast. 

Meet The Hosts

William Tincup

William Tincup

Ashish Kaushal

Ashish Kaushal

William is the President of RecruitingDaily. At the intersection of HR and technology, he’s a writer, speaker, advisor, consultant, investor, storyteller & teacher. He’s written over 200 HR articles, spoken at over 150 HR & recruiting conferences and he’s conducted over 1000 HR podcasts.

Ashish Kaushal is a successful entrepreneur who runs a nationwide contingent staffing firm focused on diversity staffing in Procurement, Human Resources, Healthcare, Clinical / Scientific, Finance and Technology. Ashish also founded a movement called Consciously Unbiased which is promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. He has served on the advisory council for American Staffing Associations Executive Search group and is a board member of regional chapter of Tech Serve Alliance. Prior to founding HireTalent, Ashish worked at an internet incubator and venture capital firm.

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