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How ProsourceIT Achieved 9X ROI & Elevated the Recruiting Game

A Success Story of Partnering with eTeki to Accelerate the Technical Hiring Process

June 16th at 11:00am ET


How eTeki deliverables help hiring teams take the guesswork out of candidate screening.


How pre-qualifying IT candidates improve recruiting and technical teams relationships


Where to expect the greatest return on investment in your recruiting cycles.



Amanda Cole, Vice President of Operations, eTeki Inc.
Twitter: @AmandaPCole
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Cesar Jimenez, CEO, ProSourceIT
Co-Founder, DataScience.us,
Twitter: @ c_jimenez001
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Adriana Duque, Managing Director, Client Services
Twitter: @Adriana10371033
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“eTeki’s objective, recorded assessment is my secret sauce! By leveraging the platform, I grew my existing accounts and added new ones.”

–   Adriana Duque

How to Achieve 9X ROI?