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Delivering Real, Qualified Candidates in a Demand Driven Market

Best Practices in Screening from prosourceIT and eTeki

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The demand for IT professionals grew exponentially with the expansion of Open Source, Cloud and other cutting edge technologies. Real Cloud, Mean Stack, DevOps, SDET, Linux, Project Management and other niche skill resources are more difficult to identify than ever. Presently, the need for qualified candidates far exceeds the pool of technically capable candidates. As the IT job market grows and becomes increasingly competitive, recruiters must increase the quality of hiring, reduce time to fill, avoid risk, and improve candidate experience.

Staffing and recruiting professionals, often without current technical subject matter expertise, match hiring companies and technical people they believe to be qualified based primarily on keyword matches.
Due to widespread candidate embellishment of resumes, recruiters face validation of employment dates, certification data, skill sets, educational accomplishments, depth of experience, and sometimes entire projects before shortlist submittal.
Limitations associated with automated skills tests create uncertainty that candidates’ technical experiences exist at the levels implied by job descriptions.
Interviews conducted by internal technical resources and past placements often delay business critical deadlines like submissions and IT projects. While these familiar individuals work in technology, their expertise may not align exactly with position requirements leaving uncertainty around fit.
Hiring managers waste limited resources on evaluating shortlists from multiple sources to increase their chances of getting a pool of technically qualified professionals to choose from later in the hiring process.

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