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Pre-Screening Tips

Best Practices in Screening with eTeki partner

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    Five Reasons to conduct a Pre-Screening Interview

    Screening applicants is a great way to save both time and money by ensuring that employers don’t have to sit through time-consuming interviews with applicants that are plainly neither qualified nor suited to the open position.

    One of the major recruitment problems experienced by businesses is finding employees that will end up staying on board for any serious length of time. Screening gives employers the opportunity to search out those recruits that seem to display qualities that will keep them at a job for a serious amount of time.

    The screening process will give employers the opportunity to focus any further interviews on the things that matter, rather than spending valuable time asking questions that don’t really go anywhere. Any information revealed in the screening process should be put to good use and form the basis of further questioning.

    Screening applicants will give employers an opportunity to send feelers out and see exactly what is happening in the recruitment world. It will give them an idea of whether they are hiring at a moment where there is a distinct lack of quality applicants or a period in which quality is exceptionally high.

    Hiring the right workforce is an important part of running a business and will go a long way to ensuring future success. The screening process will help contribute to a recruitment process that helps employers find a suitable and sustainable workforce.

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