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3 Benefits of a Quick, Quality Technical Interview Process

Having a quick, quality technical interview process can make a, perhaps surprisingly, powerful difference for employers hiring tech talent. We detail three of the most significant benefits below.

1. It improves the relationships between recruiters and hiring manager.
“Broken.” “Toxic.” “Difficult.” Those are common ways the relationships between recruiters and hiring managers are described. In fact, the breakdown of these relationships is seen as one of the biggest problems in talent acquisition. At the core of the dysfunction: most hiring managers aren’t happy with the candidates recruiters are delivering to them. In fact, in ERE’s State of Talent Acquisition Survey 2016, hiring managers on average gave their internal talent acquisition teams a C-minus grade.

The use of quick, quality technical interviews is a great way for tech recruiters to achieve a higher grade in your hiring managers’ eyes. The reason is simple. Quality technical interview process allow your tech recruiters to deliver better talent, by ensuring that the candidates have the necessary skills and experience to do the job. Little is more frustrating for tech hiring managers than interviewing—or worse, hiring—someone who clearly doesn’t have the necessary technical chops.

Meanwhile, getting technical interviews conducted quickly is essential. The reason, candidates are delivered more quickly, a big plus for hiring managers, who are eager to fill open positions in order to maximize productivity.

2. Hiring managers’ time is used more efficiently.
Hiring managers have a lot on their plate. They’re responsible for overseeing employees, managing products, ensuring customers’ expectations are met, etc. Interviewing, meanwhile, isn’t at the core of their job—it’s a distraction, a time suck, albeit a necessary one. Quality technical interviews mean that hiring managers won’t waste their time interviewing candidates who don’t have the necessary skill and experience to succeed. Speedy technical interviews, meanwhile, help quicken the hiring process, minimizing the time positions are open, giving managers more time to focus on their core objectives.

3. Quicker time to hire and improved quality of hire.
It’s easy to see how speedier technical interviews allow you to speed up the hiring process and achieve a quicker time to hire. But speedy technical interviews also reduce the likelihood that you’ll have to reopen a position for applications—a time-to-hire magnifier.

This latter fact deserves a little more explanation. The key here is that competition for top IT professionals is intense. Research by Robert Half reveals that IT professionals receive four to six job offers per week. And a Dice survey details record demand for tech talent in 2016, What this all means is the longer your hiring process, the more competitors you’ll have for top IT candidates. By using speedy technical interviews, however, you’ll keep the number of competitors to a minimum, increasing your chances of landing these top candidates. The result is you achieve both quicker time to hire and improved quality of hire. And you’re less likely to have to reopen a position for applications, a big step backward that nobody wants to take.

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