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5 Tips for Growing Into a Successful Technical Interviewer

More and more employers are turning to using outsourced technical interviewers to save time and money, and to remove bias from their technical assessments of candidates.

This trend explains the growth of on-demand technical interviewing platform companies, like eTeki, that address the challenges of technical screening for  IT talent acquisition.

Which means now is a great time for IT workers to consider joining the eTeki  technical interviewer team – an ideal side gig and a  flexible, low-stress way to earn extra money while making yourself more attractive to employers, among other benefits.

What are our tips to growing into a successful technical interviewer? Let’s take a look.

  1. Broaden Your Technical Skills and Experience

Interviewers need technical skills and experiences that are relevant to the particular job. Without them, you can’t have effective technical conversations with candidates, ask the right questions, or properly evaluate candidates. By broadening your technical skills and experiences, you’ll be qualified to be a technical interviewer for a greater breadth of technical roles.

  1. Perform More Technical Interviews

Practice makes perfect applies to technical interviewing. The more technical interviews you conduct and evaluate, the better you will become at conducting and evaluating them. So while you’re developing as a technical interviewer, take as many opportunities as you can. Even consider conducting mock technical interviews if you’re just getting started.

  1. Be Prepared

The Boy Scout motto also applies to technical interviewing. To be a high-quality technical interviewer you need to prepare yourself for success before the interview—both for your sake and to deliver a good candidate experience. Key examples of this include:

  • Cross-reference the candidate’s resume with the job description/requirements to identify the right questions to ask.
  • Have questions ready.
  • Perform a complete tech check (e.g. webcam, microphone working)
  • Perform a complete environment check (e.g. camera positioned correctly, lighting adequate)
  1. Develop Your Communication Skills

Hone your verbal and written communication skills. You’ll be speaking with candidates, and being able to ask questions smoothly and understandably enhances your professionalism. Meanwhile, you’ll also be writing written reports about candidates, so developing your writing will help improve your reports—making you more attractive to employers.

  1. Work with eTeki

No need to hunt down technical interviewing jobs. We’ll find them for you, work with your schedule, and ensure that they fit your skills and experience. Plus, we’ll give you the tools you need to succeed, and help develop you as an interviewer. Typically each interview require a commitment of just 45-60 minutes. Learn more about being a successful technical interviewer with eTeki. We’ll help you grow.