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What are the Most Difficult-to-Source Tech & IT Roles?

Hiring tech talent is no easy task. Currently, it’s a candidate driven market in Information Technology. This means that your company must do its best to find the strongest talent out there. But, as with all other industries, the tech industry does have some difficult-to-source jobs. Do you know what the most difficult to source tech and IT roles are today?

Below, we will discuss the most difficult-to-source tech & IT roles out there on the market right now.

Application Development

Developers are some of the hardest tech talent to find and even more difficult to retain at companies today because of their skill-set and experience. Almost every company out there wants to hire an application developer because of the need with the explosion of the smartphone and tablet industry. For this reason alone, companies find it hard to fill these jobs because competition is so fierce.

Security Professionals

Within the tech industry, one of the most demanding jobs has become that of security. Companies across the country, no matter their size, are looking for the most talented security professionals out there. Online security is very important these days, especially with all of the major data breaches at companies over the past year, including Sony, Target and Michaels. Companies need to hire the top security professionals on the market in order to protect their confidential data and their customers’ confidential data.

Technical Writer

Technical writers are incredibly difficult-to-source today in the tech industry. Technical writers are very hard to find because there are very few who understand the role. Tech writers must be able to write manuals and help guides in a language that laypeople can understand. They are not experienced writers who understand technology either. Companies want to spend money on hiring technical writers, but it is not that easy to do, even when they put together an IT recruiting plan to find the best.

Director of IT/CTO

The roles of Director of IT and CTO are very tough to fill. In the technology industry, companies want to find leaders who not only can lead the company, but also know technology in and out. This is difficult because these leaders need to have skills that are not learned at the typical IT job. In many instances, companies will need to hire leaders who do not have a tech background or candidates with a tech background who have never held leadership positions in the past. It is difficult to find candidates for these positions who have both of these skills. Even the normal interview process might not help find strong tech leaders today.

Help Desk Staff

It might not be as difficult as you think, but finding strong candidates to fill help desk roles has become a problem for companies these days. These jobs do not pay well and the employees are typically stuck dealing with angry customers on the phone when trying to solve problems. This department usually takes the biggest hit when budgets are tightened, which is why companies struggle to find employees for help desk staff members.

How do companies go about finding strong tech candidates? One of the best ways to attract and recruit these hard to find tech candidates is to partner with an IT recruitment firm who has access to a wide range of skill sets and experiences. And if you have a great HR team in-house but finding it difficult to assess the technical skills of the candidate, then the best way is to hire a freelance technical interviewer for the job.