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How to Enjoy a Long and Successful IT Career

A successful IT career doesn’t occur by chance. Professional discussions and developer boot camps are all arranged for staying abreast of the latest technologies. Remember, technology always moves at a fast pace and you need to be flexible in adopting new changes. Whether you are a database administrator or an IT data strategist, you need to be able to utilize the latest technological developments. As J.M. Auron, the President of Quantum Tech Resumes, says: “CIOs who can’t adapt to that change will see themselves – unfortunately – left behind in a competitive job market. But the CIOs who see each new change – whether mobile, BYOD, Cloud, IoT – as an opportunity are the technology executives who will continue to be in demand– because they’ve proven that they can leverage new solutions to drive business value.”
If you want to enjoy a long and successful career in IT, then you need to get acquainted with the tactics of ensuring IT career longevity. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 38.3% growth in the IT Industry in 2016. An ambitious IT professional needs to create a career management plan. Proper planning helps to map out your IT career, so it will unfold the way you desire. Devote time to discover more about yourself, conduct research, plan action steps and set long-term goals. If you can’t think strategically, you may find yourself hopping from one job role to another.  With the information you learn through this introspection, you will be better able to choose a career path that is suitable for you.
Check out some tips for creating a sustainable IT career:
Gear Up for Gamification Challenges
Currently, tech companies are implementing challenge-based recruiting called gamification. This technique helps to evaluate a candidate’s potential of performing a specific job. Tech firms challenge IT professionals to compete for jobs by presenting their creative and technical skills.  Google, for instance, implemented a global online software writing contest called the Google Code Jam. This contest attracts thousands of people every year. In this global online competition, the top 25 contenders are invited to visit Google’s Mountain View campus, competing for $50,000 prize money. As an added incentive, the contestants get the opportunity to work with Google. So, gear up for gamification.
Understand Beyond Technical Know-how
It’s not enough these days to be merely a Java expert or a great coder. You need to remember that the competition is as smart as you. Although there are lots of young IT professionals who are tech wizards, not everyone can speak about the interesting IT projects they have undertaken. An idea to consider is to join a Toastmaster club to enhance your public speaking skills. You may opt for mobile development programs. These programs boost your expertise in mobile UX and make you understand the procuring process. Experiences such as these help you become a more valuable employee and take you further than just being a technical expert.
Take Technical Skills to the Nth Degree
There cannot be any dispute that transforming an organization from regional to global based systems is a big deal. The fusion of global applications, processes and networks takes technical expertise to the nth degree. Talk to the departments, teams and regions to ensure you have a clear understanding of the business requirements of your company. For instance, if you are transforming ERP apps across the globe, your codes should help people to go out of their native silos. Consider the thoughts of the people you employ before encouraging them to take a new outlook.
Follow these simple tips to make your IT career last long into the future. Try to use resources at your disposal for creating goodwill. Instead of asking people for a job, try to solve their problems. Creating goodwill always produces a positive influence. What matters ultimately is not you and your career, but about how you can add value to business.