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DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer

Access knock out questions for this role which assess a candidate’s initial technical fit.


Here’s a recap of DevOps Engineer TechIEtalks, a LIVE Twitter Q&A session hosted by eTeki Expert interviewer on every 4th Thursday of the month. A subject matter expert answers burning questions for technical recruiters about attracting and screening candidates. 

Q1 – Are meet-ups a must?

A1 – Meetups in virtual platforms like Twich, as well as and dev summits like AWS Reinvent and Microsoft Build are the best place for networking.

Q2 – Best DevOps Consultant knock-out question to validate experience?

A2 – Tell me the last two defects you fixed.

Q3 – Favorite experience with a recruiter?

A3 – Cordially coming back with the feedback of where I lacked.

Q4 – Worst experience with a recruiter?

A4 – Calling me multiple times, each time a different person and asking for the same information. No reply on emails and no understanding of my profile.

Q5 – When to use online skills tests?

A5 – When we are hiring for programmers, Interview questions should be logical and independent of tools and languages, like algorithmic computer science fundamentals.

Q6 – Other than Github & Stackoverflow where are tech people online?

A6 – reddit, SlackHQ, discourse, Medium

Q7 – Why IT interviews predict role/stack fit?

A7 – How someone handles technical challenges and situations can’t be measured today with AI. Hiring teams need to know more than right and wrong answers.

Q8 – Why disrupt the status quo of only internal tech interviews?

A8 – Some times the internal team will not have the niche skills like alexa or iot. The new job requirement may have completely different techstacks than is used currently at the company. The level of #technical expertise required is more than exists within the company.

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