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Dot Net Solutions Architect

.NET Solutions Architect

Access knock out questions for this role which assess a candidate’s initial technical fit.


Here’s a recap of Dot Net Solutions Architect TechIEtalks, a LIVE Twitter Q&A session hosted by eTeki Expert interviewer on every 4th Thursday of the month. A subject matter expert answers burning questions for technical recruiters about attracting and screening candidates.  

Q1 – Are tech meet-ups a must?

A1 – Yes. They give recruiters an understanding of the current technology skills updates.

Q2 – Best knock-out interview question to validate experience of a .NET Solutions Architect?

A2 – What is two way binding? Explain Knockout View Model?

Q3 – Favorite traits of a successful recruiter?

A3 – Recruiters should be collaborative with candidates & interviewers & provide specifics about the position. For example, if it’s an individual contributor role, be sure it’s mentioned in the JD.

Q4 – Worst experience with a recruiter?

A4 – None! So far all the recruiters have been fully prepared, communicated properly, and asked great questions.

Q5 – When is it best to use online skills tests?

A5 – Tailor assessments to each role. If the position is full stack developer, a coding exercise must be part of the screening process.

Q6 – Other than Github & Stackoverflow where are tech people online?

A6 – While StackOverflow is the best for all technologies, I recommend for .NET & MVC check out and for Angular look into

Q7 – Why do IT interviews successfully predict role/stack fit?

A7 – Interviewers look into a candidate’s real time experience by asking for specific solutions and can better judge candidate suitability for the position.

Q8 – Why disrupt the status quo of only internal tech interviews?

A8 – Online interviews give candidate freedom. They can attend from a comfortable place & at a convenient time. The candidate feels less tense and can give stronger answers. It’s also simpler logistics for an early in the process technical round.

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