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Mobility Consultant

Mobility Consultant

Access knock out questions for this role which assess a candidate’s initial technical fit.


Here’s a recap of Mobility Consultant TechIEtalks, a LIVE Twitter Q&A session hosted by eTeki Expert interviewer on every 4th Thursday of the month. A subject matter expert answers burning questions for technical recruiters about attracting and screening candidates.  

Q1 – Are meet-ups a must?

A1 – It provides opportunities to everyone to talk to eteki experts. It provides thoughts from different sides of the table.

Q2 – Best Mobility Consultant knock-out interview question to validate experience?

A2 – What achievement in the last 24 months are you proud of and why? Only an experienced person can provide a very detailed answer.

Q3 – Favorite traits of a successful recruiter?

A3 – Recruiters who are very crisp and to the point in communications. Recruiters who comes to point directly in the discussion.

Q4 – Worst experience with a recruiter?

A4 – Providing wrong job, not matching with profile, scheduling an interview even without checking for availability.

Q5 – When is it best to use online skills tests?

A5 – It’s not easy to finish coding assessments and ask all questions in 1 hr interview. Online tests typically should be reserved for interviews which lasts 3-4 hrs.

Q6 – Other than Github & Stackoverflow where are tech people online?

A6 – Most people that work in tech visit medium, reddit and different blogs.

Q7 – Why do IT interviews successfully predict role/stack fit?

A7 – Because you can analyze a person’s technical skills during the interview.

Q8 – Why disrupt the status quo of only internal tech interviews?

A8 – Since eTeki is third party, it can analyze candidates neutrally without any formal bias. Some endusers might not have the resources or time to conduct technical interviews so handing over that job to experts in the field makes sense.

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