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ERP Database Administrator

ERP Database Administrator

Access knock out questions for this role which assess a candidate’s initial technical fit.


Here’s a recap of ERP Database Administrator TechIEtalks, a LIVE Twitter Q&A session hosted by eTeki Expert interviewer on every 4th Thursday of the month. A subject matter expert answers burning questions for technical recruiters about attracting and screening candidates.  

Q1 – Are tech meet-ups a must?

A1 – Tech meetup are great because you have an opportunity to meet and discuss topics related to your day to day responsibilities.

Q2 – Best ERP Database Administrator knock-out interview question to validate experience?

A2 – Please share how your role contributes to the organization.

Q3 – Traits of a successful candidate during a technical interview?

A3 – The traits that I like most in a candidate consist of being prepared for the interview and having fundamental information on the company.

Q4 – Worst experience with a recruiter?

A4 – My worst experience was when the recruiter asked me technical questions they could not answer.

Q5 – When is it best to use online skills tests?

A5 – I recommend skill test when candidate has less than three years experience.

Q6 – Other than Github & Stackoverflow where are tech people online?

A6 – I find that Quora is an excellent resource. You can post and answer questions.

Q7 – Why do IT interviews successfully predict role/stack fit?

A7 – In some cases just because the candidate has the skills and experience they may not be a good fit for the organization.

Q8 – Why disrupt the status quo of only internal tech interviews?

A8 – Bringing in fresh talent can bring on new opportunities within the department.

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