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Mother’s Day Special – Celebrating Working Moms in Tech

Mother’s Day celebration is about honoring your mom, motherhood and acknowledging the influence of mothers in our society. On this occasion of Mother’s Day, it’s time to applaud and appreciate all those moms who have a significant contribution in our lives. Nowadays, women are playing dual roles of CEO at home and at work. In tribute to the Mompreneurs (mom-entrepreneurs), let’s focus on the top moms influencing the tech industry. We will also check out whether working moms are targets of gender bias and the ways women are fighting out the talent crisis. And finally will explore the fact that motherhood is not the end of a woman’s career.

Top Moms in Tech Field – How Influential Are They?

Today, women are not just playing the roles of great moms, but are also front-runners in the tech business. They have shown that it’s not necessary to select one option between a family and a career. Kass Lazerow is the Cofounder of Buddy Media and she is a mother of three children. Along with her husband, she has successfully built a $2 billion business. Another significant woman is Sheryl Sandberg, who is COO of Facebook and mom to two kids. Her book, “Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead” inspires women to go ahead and lead. Moreover, it conveys the message to parents for removing the subtle ways of discouraging a girl child. Paula Long the CEO of Data Gravity is another tech woman who is a mom to one. She is the co-founder of EqualLogic, sold to Dell for $1.4 billion in 2008. Currently, she’s busy with Andreessen Horowitz-backed Data Gravity valued at $42 million.

Working Moms are Targets of Gender Bias – Is It a Challenge?

According to a research it is revealed that there is 79% less chance for moms getting hired in a corporate sector. Besides, they are offered $11,000 less salary than men on an average. Yet, they are questioned on grounds of not giving their best performance and for not maintaining their punctuality of office timings. Alternatively, another study showed that mothers are proficient and devoted to work compared to their counterparts. But, it’s owing to their devotion to work, they are perceived as bad moms. Often they have to choose either work or home and are the targets of gender bias. But many modern women don’t take this as a challenge. In fact, currently the young moms praised the industry for giving flexible work hours and remote working facilities.

Working Mothers Fight Out Talent Crisis – How It’s Impacting Recruiting?

Now, the question is how the working mothers are fighting out the talent crisis? A large number of women tech talent, especially the working moms get more productive in a flexible working atmosphere as per the TJinsite survey. The HR managers emphasize this need for retaining IT professionals for driving better business productivity. Industry experts say that post-motherhood talent actually helps to fight out the huge talent crisis. Many HR women make their office environment engaging by creating crèches. The main aim of the tech recruiters is making a peaceful working atmosphere where the working moms could work contentedly by attending to both work and kids. And, organizations can reap the benefits of post-motherhood stage by tapping talent pool from young moms who have taken a break, yet have the potential to contribute to the business.

Motherhood Is Not the Death Knell of Career- Is It True?

The modern young women make the most of their motherhood in workplaces. A survey reported that currently the young tech women earn about 93% of what their male colleagues make. This signifies that women are near to the equality of the pay structure compared to their previous generation. Nevertheless, earlier data reveal that the pay gap widens when the women grow old. However, the reverse is true in many cases. The recent Microsoft research points out that motherhood is in fact improving the performance of women at work. According to the study, 46% moms enhanced their time management skills and 27% became more organized. In an observation made at Microsoft, it was found that the women employees saw an increase in multitasking skills and team spirit after they became mothers.

Now, it’s the time for the employers to pay heed to the changing nature of the workplace. They should allow working moms to work from home to let them work flexibly. If the employers emphasize on the job satisfaction of working moms, their efficiency will be increased, leading to enhanced business output. They should accept the need for workplace equality and admire the great endeavors of women. The miracle is wrought in the hands of the women. It’s the mom who sows the seeds of happiness in child and nurture them with her love, care and concern. The unbelievable intelligence of women led them to rule the world. They balance so many roles with a smile. A big salute to their strength, courage and patience on the occasion of Mother’s Day.