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Top 4 Trending Programming Languages One Must Learn

It’s easy to list programming languages in Wikipedia, but ranking their popularity is a difficult proposition. Online, there are some good sources of information about the prevalence of the various computer languages. TIOBE is a software research firm where the experts present a collective index on the popularity of programming languages every month. The global ratings provided by TIOBE are based on reporting by individuals in the industry and the popularity of the languages as reported by various search engines.
You may use the TIOBE index to evaluate your programming skills. It will help you to understand whether your skills are updated or not. Moreover, the index can help you to determine what language to use to develop new software.
Let’s check out the top 4 programming languages on TIOBE, as of March 2015:


— C holds the first position among the programming languages. It attained the 2nd position in August 2013. This was the most popular programming language of 2008. It is widely used for general purposes and was developed by Dennis Ritchie while working at Bell Telephone labs. C is the basis of C++ and other languages and is designed for functioning with Unix operating system. You should learn it because it is so popular. Wayne Duqaine, the Software Development Director of Grandview Systems, Sebastopol, Calif., notes that learning C is vital for programmers. He explains that once you understand C, it becomes easier to jump to C# or Java because of the common syntax shared by the languages.


— Java is in the second position among programming languages. This language was developed in 1995 by James Gosling and other associates at Sun Microsystems. It was in the first position in Aug 2013 and was the most popular programming language of 2005. Although it is mainly derived from C and C++, it has a more basic object model. Being an object-oriented language, it is important for developers focusing on the non-.NET experience.


— Objective C has achieved the third position on the TIOBE index. This language has increased significantly in popularity since it held the 59th position in December 2007. This was the most popular language of 2011 and 2012. This object-oriented language was first developed by Tom Love and Brad Cox at Stepstone in 1980. Objective-C enhanced C programming by adding a Smalltalk-like messaging option. You should learn Objective C, as it is frequently used on Mac OS X and Apple iOS. It’s also the main language for Apple’s Cocoa API.


— C++ holds the fourth position in March 2015. It was in 5th position in February 2008 and has maintained its relative level of popularity. This was the most popular language of 2003. C++ was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1979 as an improvement to C. C++ has both low-level and high-level features. You must learn C++, as it’s a wide-ranging multi-paradigm spanning compiled language. The application domains of this popular language include application and systems software, client and server applications, and entertainment software such as video games. It has influenced other popular languages like Java and C#.

These programming languages are high in demand in the job market. If you understand them thoroughly, it makes your resume more impressive.