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Working with Freelance IT Interviewers to Assess Top Tech Talent

Finding the right candidates for your organization’s open assignments can be a challenge at times, especially in a candidate-driven job market. Tech-savvy talent can be hard to come by sometimes, especially if your company is looking for a specific set of skills or needs to hire for a special project. To make matters easier and less expensive, it’s often a good idea to work with freelance IT interviewers in order to screen the top tech talent on the market today. This can help any organization to narrow down the number of applicants flowing to the recruiter’s funnel, add an extra layer of candidate filtering, and reduce the time is takes to evaluate the skills of multiple applicants. In some cases, the recruiter may lack the technical expertise to accurately determine if an IT candidate is worth the time and effort to pursue.

Benefits of Working with Freelance IT Interviewers

Freelance IT interviewers can make the process much easier for your internal HR department. The benefits of working with freelance IT interviewers include some of the following:

  • They can easily access the technical skills of each candidate as provided by the recruiter
  • They can provide a company with an objective opinion of a candidate’s skills
  • They can handle the applicant screening process with innovative tools, such as a whiteboard for sharing notes with candidates
  • They can report accurately on the candidate’s technical performance during the interview process as proof of their ability to perform in a job

Questions to Ask Freelance IT Interviewers

Before choosing which freelance IT interviewer to work with, you should ask some of the following questions to determine which one is the best for your company:

  • Do you specialize in a specific technology sector when interviewing?
  • Have you ever conducted technical interviews in the past?
  • How long does the average tech interview take when you conduct it?
  • How do you perform skills assessment during the interview?

Describe Your Perfect Candidate

When your company contracts with a freelance interviewer, it is important to describe the perfect candidate to the interviewer. This will help the interviewer get a grasp for what your company is looking for in an employee so they can make a determination early in the interview. Create an “avatar” of your perfect candidate, including skills, background, and personality to aid your IT interviewer  in finding a great candidate for your needs. It is important to keep in mind that the IT interviewer is focusing on the technical skills of the candidates as provided by the recruiter.

Tell Interviewer How to Conduct Interview

Even though the freelance IT interviewer will want to interview the candidate on their own terms, you might still want to explain to him or her how you want it handled. This can be done via a video interview, over the phone, or in-person. If he or she prefers a specific method, try to come to an agreement prior to the interview so no issues arise.

Provide Some Interview Questions

The freelance IT interviewer might also have a set of questions prepared for the candidate, but you should also provide him or her with some organizational relevant questions of your own. This will help the interviewer know what direction you want the interview to take so they know how to handle it with every candidate on the list during the interview process.

The interview process for finding top tech talent can be very difficult, especially if you limit yourself to one specific area. Using freelance IT interviewers can make all the difference when they are located throughout the country.