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5 Tactics to Improve the Candidate Experience

Planning is a fundamental and vital part of talent acquisition. No recruiting activity can be successfully undertaken without proper planning. This planning involves everything from candidate sourcing and screening to hiring and retention. Almost every aspect of the recruitment process requires careful consideration on the part of the recruiter. If the recruiter is unable to create an effective recruiting plan, the right candidate may not be hired. How can recruiters improve the candidate experience?

Let’s explore 5 tactics that can easily improve the candidate experience:
1. Impress Candidates with a Smile
Flash a big smile to the candidate and wish them good luck on the interview. This simple gesture makes a great impact on the candidate by setting a friendly tone to the interview.

2. Communicate in a Polite Manner
The way in which you deal with candidates sets the tone for the employer’s ability to build a strong workforce. Always communicate in a polite manner. This helps ensure that job applicants have a positive experience and are likely to apply to your organization in the future.

3. Get Feedback on the Interview
Once the interview is over, ask the candidates about their performance during the evaluation test and if they were comfortable with how the interview went. Ask for feedback on the interviewing process. Show appreciation for the feedback and revise your process where needed.

4. Include a Follow-up Plan
Thank the job applicant for interviewing and provide consistent communication about the candidate’s standing in the process. If you decide to move forward with a specific candidate, send a kind and professional rejection letter to the other candidates in order to maintain a good recruiting relationship.

5. Brand Emails with Your Company Logo
Brand recruiting emails with your company logo. Include links to your social media sites and company blogs. Make sure your recruiting message includes valuable information to help the job applicants understand the company’s culture.

These strategies will help you to improve the candidate experience. Follow them to attract good talent and build good recruiting relationships. Remember that if your company’s hiring approach is impressive, it will enhance the image of your company. Utilize these helpful recruiting tactics and promote your company’s business branding effectively.


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