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Top 5 Tactics of Conducting Successful Interviews

Conducting successful interviews is never an easy task. It is important in the hiring process to create an agenda and an interview structure. After winnowing the resumes, recruiters should be ready to interview candidates in a timely manner. They should be armed with questions to assist with fact finding and assess problem solving and creative thinking. A well-prepared recruiter thinks seriously about the interviewing process when determining the right fit for the organization. Candidates have a number of options in the current employment market and getting the perfect candidate for the job has become increasingly difficult. Therefore, the interview process for an organization should be strong enough to attract the best talent.

Let’s check out the top 5 tactics of conducting successful interviews:
1. Set Questions by Evaluating Top Performers

Evaluate the qualities of top performers in your organization, make a list of desired attributes in your new hire and then compare the two. Think about how the top employees are executing their roles in a resourceful manner for the organization. Assessing their traits will help you to construct relevant interview questions to hire new candidates.

2. Make the Interviewees Feel Comfortable

Try to reduce the stress level for the candidates during an interview. Candidates cannot perform at their best if they are stressed by the fear of unknown questions. Make them feel comfortable by revealing the topic of discussion before the interview. This will reduce nervousness and allow you to engage the candidate in a productive conversation. Also, schedule the interview at a convenient time for the interviewee.

3. Ask Candidates to Solve Real Problems

Assess the problem-solving capabilities of the candidates by asking them to solve a real problem pertaining to the job. Explain the problem in detail, so that the candidate can identify inefficiencies and come up with possible solutions. This reveals the candidate’s power to think in critical situations and allows you to assess communication skills.

4. Adopt a Conversational Tone instead of an Interrogation

Make the interviewing process conversational rather than interrogating the candidate. Listen to the candidate carefully and speak with a professional and welcoming tone — this will allow the candidate to open up and encourages open communication. Actively engage the candidate — this shows that you are paying attention.

5. Involve 3 Members during the Interview

While making a hiring decision, try to involve trusted team members who can conduct multiple checks.  You might want to have 3 team members be a part of the interview — for instance, a senior recruiter, the HR manager and the team leader. Peer interviewers also work well in this regard, as they can assist you in hiring the right candidate and, at the same time, make sure the candidate is comfortable.

These tactics can surely help you gain a competitive advantage. Remember that an interview is not about you, but about the candidate you are speaking with. As a recruiter, your primary job is to evaluate the actual candidates, not to critique them. Create a positive interview experience, so that the candidate looks forward to working with your organization.


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