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5 Uncommon Tactics of Screening Prospective Tech Hires

Technology is a significant aspect of modern business, even for businesses that are not predominantly tech-oriented. Recruiting the right technical candidate is essential to enhance the productivity of the business. If you are not familiar with the technical field, selecting the right candidate could be challenging for you. You may want to use some uncommon tactics to screen prospective tech hires for your organization.

Let’s check out 5 of these tactics:

1. Evaluate Expertise Through a Point of Comparison

Assign a task to a candidate that has already been completed by a technical specialist in your organization. Since this task has already been completed, you can easily estimate the approximate time required to accomplish it. Additionally, you know the challenges involved in completing the task. So, once the task is completed, you can evaluate the candidate’s performance by comparing it to the performance of your employee. You can evaluate the proficiency level of the prospective tech hire by observing how well the same assignment was carried out.

2. Discuss a Recent Technical Project
As a recruiter, you may ask a candidate to take you through a recent project where he or she worked in a team. You may inquire about the project, along with its challenges and the candidate’s experience of working in a group. Discussing the project with the candidate will help you to evaluate his or her thoughts on various aspects including the project shortcomings, individual contributions and the experience of working in a team.

3. Assess the Candidate’s Personality Through Actual Conversation

While interviewing, avoid asking questions that will result in merely ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers. Instead, pitch open-ended questions. These questions will let you assess the personality of the candidate. Don’t just stick to the candidate’s aptitude for writing code. Instead, create discussions that will allow the candidate to share personal viewpoints. Remember that the candidate should not just recite what the applicant thinks you want to hear, but should present unique ideas.

4. Examine Practical Problem-Solving Ability

Try to assess the candidate’s ability to solve practical problems relevant to the position. Ask questions that will help you to examine the applicant’s initiative and interest in the job. Seek out a tech candidate who has undertaken numerous personal projects or who has developed individual apps or games. Look for a candidate who is enthusiastic about applying technical expertise to practical circumstances.

5. Offer a 6 Month Freelance Position

This is probably the most effective tactic to hire the best candidates for tech positions. You can offer the candidate a 6 month independent contractor position with your organization. This way, you will be able to assess the candidate’s technical skills and see how the candidate works within your organization. If you are satisfied by the performance, you may offer a full-time contract to the candidate.

Always come up with out-of-the-box solutions when hiring tech talent. Apart from being tech-centric, it’s important to retain an enthusiastic team who will be passionate about your organization. These uncommon tactics to screen will help you evaluate if a candidate is a good fit for the role.