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Hiring Tech Talent – What Your Company Needs to Know

Recruiting Tech talent is incredibly important today and is highly sought after by companies all across the country. Some of the most talented tech professionals will be contacted and recruited by companies looking for long-term employees, while other tech professionals will need to go above and beyond to find jobs within their specialties by taking on temporary contracts. Either way, it’s important to know how to find and hire the best tech talent out there.

Let’s discuss the 3 most important things companies need to know about recruiting tech talent:

1. Go Where Your Tech Candidates Are Located

One of the first things your company needs to know is that it should go to where your tech candidates are located in order to find the best ones for your open jobs. You should not be looking just anywhere for tech talent, because the most skilled pros will be hard to find. For example, consider the idea of trying to find a significant other who likes to shop. You wouldn’t look for him or her at a library, would you? Instead, you would look for your potential significant other at a mall or shopping center.

Therefore, make sure your company starts looking for tech candidates in all the right places, such as online forums, tech websites, and the unemployment line. You will also want to work closely with a skilled IT recruitment firm that can provide you with prescreened candidates who match your project needs. This can save your company time and money in the long run.

2. Referrals Need to be Part of Corporate Culture

An excellent way for recruiting tech talent is by incorporating referrals into the company’s culture. When this happens, you will find it very easy to bring in the most talented tech professionals in your industry. Referrals help your company shorten the time spent looking for candidates and help to bring in the top talent available, because you trust your employees who make those referrals. Make sure you reward your employees for making excellent referrals by providing them with a bonus. Some tech companies out there offer referral bonuses that hit $10,000.

When you ask your employees for referrals of tech talent, it lets them know how much you value their opinions. It also lets these employees choose who their co-workers will be and identify what types of skills are needed to build a strong team. Even though you trust your employees to make strong referrals, you still should perform applicant screening, including the normal interview process, prior to offering the candidate a job with your company.

3. Offer Challenging Projects to Employees

When your company assigns challenging projects to its employees, word will spread through the tech industry. Tech professionals, including developers, want to be challenged as much as possible when on the job. They do not want cushy projects that take only minutes to complete. They want to put their education and experience to good use when on the job. If they are being challenged and rewarded at work, they will spread the word when others ask about their employer.

As your company searches for tech talent, be sure to incorporate all 3 of these tips in order to attract the best within the industry.