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8 Interviewing Experts to Read on LinkedIn

8 Interviewing Experts to Read on LinkedIn
We recently wrote a post on 11 interviewing experts whom employers should follow on Twitter.  In this post we turn our attention to interviewing experts you should be paying attention to on LinkedIn. Before we begin, because we want to provide you with new names, we aren’t including any of the experts on our Twitter list (although some of them are quite active on LinkedIn).

  1. Oleg Vishnepolsky
The global CTO for the newspaper giant DailyMail, Vishnepolsky regularly writes on and communicates about employer issues on LinkedIn, including interviewing.
Interviewing Expert to Read on LinkedIn

  1. Lorenzo Pasqualis
Pasqualis, the senior director of engineering at DreamBox Learning, recently announced that he’s starting a blog about “tech career advice, engineering organizational models, leadership and engineering patterns, women/minorities in tech and anything that can help software engineers in their journey.”
Lorenzo Pasqualis, Interviewing Expert

  1. Mara Dibb
Dibb, senior recruiting partner for Synchrony Financial, asks thought-provoking questions about recruiting issues, both from the employer and the candidate perspective.
Mara Dibb, Interviewing Expert

  1. Joshua Miller
Miller, director of learning and talent development at PayPal, writes about a variety of workplace issues, including interviewing.
Joshua Miller, Interviewing Expert

  1. Matt Warzel
Warzel, president at MJW Careers, a resume writing, career coaching and outplacement firm, primarily focuses on interviewing from the candidate perspective.
Matt Warzel, CPRW, CIR

  1. Brendan Reid
Reid, senior vice president of marketing for Ceridian, occasionally writes and shares articles about interviewing and recruiting.
Brendan Reid

  1. Richard L. Burton III
Burton, the co-founder of Verson 2, a software development company, writes and communicates about software and recruiting issues, including interviewing.
Richard L. Burton III (LION)

  1. Andrew LaCivita
LaCivita, chief executive of milewalk, an executive search firm, is a prolific author of articles on interviewing and hiring, primarily targeted at candidates.
Andrew LaCivita
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