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eTeki’s Innovative Technical Interviewing Solution is Named a 2016 ReSI Award Winner

Tampa, FL – eTeki, Inc, an early stage HR Tech company was awarded a Recruiting Service Innovation Awards (ReSI) winner. eTeki(Innovative Technical Interviewing Solution) accepted the award for TAtech’s 2016 ReSI Award for Innovator of the Year – Employment Site Partner at the awards ceremony held in Las Vegas, Nevada last night.

“Earning our customers vote for this Innovator of the Year award is a testament to the pride we take in being customer-centric in every aspect of our business. The eTeki team is humbled by this award and will continue to innovate technical interviewing for hiring managers and recruiters”, said Bala Nemani, Founder.

Companies need the advantage of speed when it comes to technical interviewing because the hottest IT candidates are available today and gone to a competitor tomorrow. Clients who use eTeki decrease their time-to-fill technical positions with a 24 hour, expert technical interview turnaround versus one week for a typical technical interview.

Integral to the innovation aspect of this award is access to a global talent marketplace of freelance technical experts who are certified by eTeki to ensure high quality and consistency. eTeki clients augment their internal capacity and expertise to screen top tech candidates by tapping into more than 1,200 technical interviewers representing more than 40 countries spanning over 5,000 technologies and technical skills.

eTeki removes much of the risk associated with hiring the best tech talent by providing a thorough assessment/evaluation by relevant experts over a secure platform that prevents fraud.

About eTeki:
eTeki, an on-demand technical interviewing marketplace, helps hiring managers and recruiters make fast, informed hiring decisions and reducing hiring risk by leveraging on-demand technical interviewers with expertise in virtually every stack. Clients submit their interview assignments and receive expert feedback on technical skill readiness of IT job candidates in just 24 hours or less.

Amanda Cole, Director
3030 N. Rocky Point Dr., Tampa, FL 33607