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Sr. Software Engineer

Sr. Software Engineer

Access knock out questions for this role which assess a candidate’s initial technical fit.


Here’s a recap of Sr. Software Engineer TechIEtalks, a LIVE Twitter Q&A session hosted by eTeki Expert interviewer on every 4th Thursday of the month. A subject matter expert answers burning questions for technical recruiters about attracting and screening candidates.

Q1 – Meet-ups a must?

A1 – Meet-ups for java/j2ee, AWS, NOSQL(Cassandra, MongoDB), MicroServices, Distributed System(Kafka, Spark etc). Yes, because these are more demanding tech stacks in organizations currently.

Q2 – Best Sr. Software Engineer knock-out question to validate experience?

A2 – What kind of issue he has resolved recently, how he/she debugged the issues? Why does this issue happens and what further action has been taken to avoid this kind of issues in future?

Q3 – Favorite experience with a recruiter?

A3 – When recruiter provides feedback irrespective of whether you have cleared the discussion or not and helps you in understanding your weakness, so that you can work on yourself.

Q4 – Worst experience with a recruiter?

A4 – When recruiter tries to ask technical questions (if they are not technical), which sometimes are irrelevant & doesn’t make sense. Like asking how much exp you have writing SQL, then how much exp you have in SQL Joins, though both are related.

Q5 – When to use online skills tests?

A5 – Any role which requires development needs to have coding skills evaluated. It helps you to understand candidates analytical/logical skills and whether person is hands-on or not. Complexity of coding problems should vary based on type of projects/applications candidates is getting hired.

Q6 – Other than Github & Stackoverflow where are tech people online?

A6 – I’m a fan of CodeMentorIr and geeksforgeeks.

Q7 – Why IT interviews predict role/stack fit?

A7 – IT Interviews predict fit better because Interviewer see a person’s reaction, real-time responses, facial expressions. The discussion should include deep convo on experiences not just concept to determine fit or not.

Q8 – Why disrupt the status quo of tech interviews?

A8 – Tech is evolving so fast, it’s difficult to memorize everything, with so many tools/frameworks in the market. It’s difficult to look for experienced candidates on specific tech stack. Discussion should be on basics/scenario and how much they’re open/flexible to unlearn and learn things quickly.

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