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Make Technical Interviews Enjoyable for Candidates

The traditional method of technical interviewing is dreadful for the candidates. This is not a practical approach because, if the candidates are not comfortable, they can’t be evaluated properly. This method creates stress for both candidates and hiring managers and wastes a lot of time. So, what would be the right way of conducting technical interviews?

Check out the following ways to make online technical screening enjoyable to candidates:

Take Time to Get to Know the Candidate

Spend enough time to discuss a technical project the candidate has worked on. See how the candidate handled implementation and architectural decisions, what options were chosen and what features were added to that project by the candidate. Additionally, explore how code was enhanced, what type of environment the candidate used and why that choice was made, and how the candidate dealt with configuration problems. Review whether the applicant made use of global variables or followed Model-View-Controller architectural pattern for coding. Find out whether the techniques used by the candidate were reasonably structured or not and how much the applicant understands the code which was written.

Let the Candidate Add Minor Features to Projects

When you are confident that the project completed by the candidate is well constructed, you may ask him or her to add minor features to it. If you see that the candidate is able to accomplish this revision in the agreed timeframe, you will have a measure of the candidate’s ability to meet deadlines and their coding ability. If you are pleased with the results, you should consider offering the candidate an independent contractor position managing one of your company’s a short-term projects. The candidate’s ability to work competently on an important project will help you decide whether or not you want to hire this person into a permanent position.

Ask Open-ended Questions

Start a discussion about a specific technical area to see how the candidate understands the details and evaluate responses carefully. Don’t worry if the candidate can’t give answers immediately or takes time to reply. Make the applicant feel comfortable and provide time to think and respond back. Let the candidate talk about advanced technical topics and novel technologies related to the industry.

Explore Side Projects Undertaken by the Candidate

See whether the candidate has worked on any parallel projects, as this serves as a calling card. Degrees and certificates don’t really evaluate a candidate, so it’s important that the candidate has expertise with practical projects. Ask if a software developer has a website, app or service to show during the interview.

Involve Another Interviewer in Candidate Evaluation

In order to have multiple perspectives on the candidate, involve an external interviewer in your candidate evaluation process. This will help you to assess a candidate efficiently and to decide whether to hire the applicant or not. Also, it helps to avoid making a biased decision on any candidate.

These simple techniques will help to make online technical screening enjoyable to candidates. They also let you take a professional approach to interviews and evaluate whether the candidate can properly approach a technical problem.