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The Natural Fit Between Tech Hiring and Digital Interviews

Digital interviews have become very popular among technology hiring managers because they help to reduce the candidate pool prior to scheduling candidates for in-person interviews. This saves time and money in the long run — two important factors that can boost recruitment results.

When you mix digital interviews with applicant screening for technology jobs, you can experience an incredibly natural fit for this market. What makes more sense than to interview a tech candidate via a digital interview? The answer: not much!
Here, we will discuss why these two entities are such a natural fit.

Digital Natives Flooding the Workforce

One of the biggest reasons why tech hiring and digital interviews are a natural fit is the fact that the workforce has been flooded with digital natives. Who are digital natives? Digital natives are the youngest generation of employees — those who have spent their entire lives with modern technology. Otherwise known as Generation Y and Z, these candidates will likely be attracted to a company that embraces technology.

Screening for Tech-Savvy Skills

When companies use digital interviews for tech hiring, they are able to screen the job applicants for tech-savvy skills from the start. Many companies communicate with their clients via technology (such as digital video), and the interview process can be very informative. If the candidate does not perform well during the digital interview, he or she might not perform well on the job. For example, if the candidate does not dress well for the video interview, then he or she did not take it seriously and might do the same in front of a client. Also, if the candidate cannot use the microphone or camera on their computer, the interview should go no further.

Helping to Level the Playing Field

Companies can level the playing field when using live digital interviews. For example, all of the job candidates can be asked the same questions. This helps get rid of any bias or tailoring of questions for certain candidates. Consistency is a key to successful recruitment. When you remove barriers to consistency and fair recruitment early in the process, you will be able to put together the most diverse pool of tech talent possible.

Bringing Each Story to Life

Another added benefit of digital interviews is that the story of the job candidate can be brought to life. If the interview is recorded live, it allows for the candidate to be personable and demonstrate good body language during the session. Live digital interviews can easily be arranged from anywhere in the world, and the best features of the candidate can be presented to hiring companies, which provides much more information than a standard resume.

Sharing Digital Interviews

The ability to share the digital interview with multiple people at one company in their IT recruiting department is a major advantage. If the interview takes place live and is recorded, then the video interview can be shared with others who could not attend. Companies love this because it saves them time and money. One person can conduct the interview, while other employees remain hard at work.

In today’s high-paced world, technology is making things much easier when it comes to screening job candidates. The digital interview is a good example, as it makes finding the best tech talent on the market painless.