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5 Actions Employers Should Take to Obtain Top Tech Talent

Throughout the United States, employers often contend with skill shortages. As shown in the Manpower Group “2019 Talent Shortage Survey”, 69% of US employers face difficulty in filling positions due to a talent shortage. Employers surveyed reported that a lack of experienced technical talent with the right training limited their ability to fill positions. With unemployment in the United States hovering around 6.9%, employers find it hard to hire the right tech candidates. To relieve the ongoing talent shortage, employers may have to find new ways to approach the hiring process.

Old habits may need to be shed in this new environment. Even if there are a lot of candidates to choose from, traditionally, employers demand more candidates. They want prospective employees to fill a role immediately, without providing any training. This creates an illogical situation where the employee needs to know the job before being hired into the job. This catch-22 situation hurts both organizational and economic objectives. What new methods should employers use to get the best tech talent?

Let’s check out a few ideas that employers could use to counteract the shortage of talent:

1. Seek out Candidates Who Could Fill Jobs with Additional Training

Employers should search for candidates who can accomplish the job with a bit of training rather than looking for the perfect fit. A candidate who fits well within the organization and is willing to learn new skills can be a valuable asset.

2. Advance Employees without Much Financial Investment

It’s important for employers to think of ways to advance the potential of current employees without spending much time and/or money. One way to achieve this is by extending the probationary period for new employees, so that they have time to improve and increase the level of their work. As the employee becomes more experienced, there is added value to the permanent hire.

3. Trust Internal Hiring Rather than an External Agency

Employers should trust the internal hiring process of the organization rather than retaining an outside hiring agency. The internal recruitment team knows the company’s employees better and can make better hiring decisions than the outside agency.

4. Organize Jobs Differently for Candidates with Diverse Credentials

Employers with a flexible approach understand that getting talent for a job is not like finding pistons to fit an engine. Employers should organize jobs in ways that will allow candidates with diverse experiences to perform jobs successfully. Projects can be assigned in which employees get the opportunity to learn new skills by working with a team.

5. Visit Schools before Hiring Candidates

Visiting schools before hiring candidates can help employers find desired talent. For instance, community colleges in many states have good relationships with organizations and offer applied course work for meeting specific requirements of employers. Employers can recruit those candidates who have successfully completed qualified courses from accredited community colleges.

These 5 methods can help to expand the talent supply in an organization. Additionally, they make it easier for the employers to fill jobs with less wasted time and money. Implement these ideas to help your organization to obtain the top tech talent.