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It’s hosted on the 4th Thursday of the month on Twitter and features one technical subject matter expert (SME). These SMEs are Tech Interview Experts (TechIEs) who screen IT candidates on behalf of eTeki’s recruiter clients as-a-side-gig while working full-time at top tech companies across the globe. The TechIE will take over @eTeki_Inc’s handle and answer rapid-fire questions for 30 minutes. Read More

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TechIEtalks 2020 March

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  • Knock-out Questions to Qualify Mobility Consultant Candidates
    Mobility Consultant
  • Knock-out Questions to Qualify ERP Database Administrator Candidates
    ERP Database Administrator
  • Knock-out Questions to Qualify Sr. Software Engineer Candidates
    Sr. Software Engineer
  • .NET Solutions Architect Knock Out Questions
    Dot Net Solutions Architect
  • DevOps Engineer Knock Out Questions
    DevOps Engineer
  • Network Engineer Knock Out Questions
    Network Engineer
  • Ruby on Rails
  • UI Designer Knock Out Questions
    UI Designer

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